Monday, January 9, 2012


They say that in high school, you meet the best friends you will have for life.

I agree, actually. I've made really good friends in college, even at work, as well as in all my other circles, but my high school super friends always give me one big disabling tummy ache and sore throat from laughing for hours and hours whenever when we're together.

That day, one of my closest high school friends, Beng, was having a kiddie party at Jolibee (No, don't ask our actual ages, haha!). Before the event, us "kiddie" participants decided to meet up at Blue Wave and go to the event together.

Meet up point: the very yummy Berry Yummy! The place just spells fun - which is quite appropriate to our mood that day. Imagine, catching up with high school super friends AND attending a Jollibee Kiddie Party. How much fun can it get?

What did I tell you, huh? The place is bright, fun, where you suddenly turn into a child that's all giddy because her Mom is buying her an ice cream cone... well, in this case it's yoghurt.

Berry Yummy is also a great alternative for a "chika" place. Coffee shops can get really crowded, so hey, we have froyo nooks, too!

The thing I love about Berry Yummy is they have a lot of toppings to choose from. Weighed yoghurt is also available. You get a cup, dispense your own yoghurt and pick toppings of your choice. Since I was too lazy even to walk to the dispenser (tee hee), I chose the package which is a large cup with three toppings. Fruit loops, walnuts and chocolate chips. Nyam nyam nyam!

Of course, you might have buddies that are not yoghurt fans (there are a lot, right?). In this case, Berry Yummy offers a set of treats such as crepes and cakes which your non-yoghurt-fans friends can enjoy. They also have waffles!!! :)

Speaking of enjoy, allow me to post more "people" photos than "food" photos... even just for this post, okay? ;)

 Wennie and Tessah loving the balloon arch :)

 Me and my beloved Tessah

 Tessah...again. Hahaha :) Love you sis!

Wennie, Tin and Tessah. Mwah mwah mwah!

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Oh my I have sooooo much backlog for this blog. Watch out for yummy posts soon, plus a reader feature (ehem, Iceal, where are you...).

I would also like to thank YOU readers for all the e-mails and BBMs that I have been getting. Love you lots!!! Thanks so much guys, you are this blog's fuel, where would I be without you, really?

Ground Floor, Blue Wave Mall Marquinton
Just beside Perfect Moments!
Sumulong Highway, Sto. Nino, Marikina City
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 50 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. ang tingkad ng kulay ah. bawal ata nakasimangot jan, magiging black and white pag nag-frown. =)

    mukang ok na cheer-up place ito after a long day

  2. haha! yup, pink kung pink yung place!!! :)
    it's a fun place... and of course, for people like me who love sweets...this is paradise. they even have waffles. yum yum :D


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