Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Even More Reasons to Love MAMA CHIT'S

"Wonderful places" for me are places that make a person wonder, like Mama Chit's. One step into the coffee house and you are immediately transported five, six, seven decades back in time. And so I wonder: how was life back then? Cars without automatic transmission, social circles without social networks, marathons without timing chips... all these things come to mind when you view the photos mounted on the shop's wall. And no, I am not sharing them here. I'll leave everything to your imagination until you visit Mama Chit's! :)

The food of course, I will be more than happy to share photos of. :) I was in the area to check out the bicycle shop beside the coffee house. After the bicycle spare parts hunting, it was lunch time chez Mama Chit's!

Started off the meal with these huge onion rings! Yuh-meh!!

I always, always welcome a good bowl of pasta. Mama Chit's creamy pesto was truly delicious!

Mama Chit's Cheeseburger and Chips - never fails to satisfy the tummy!

The Combo Pizza! And since I love olives, I love this pizza. Hehe!

Thank you to places like Mama Chit's that make us wonder how it feels like to be part of the world's colorful past, even for just a moment. Pairing this wonder with really good food, every trip to Mama Chit's is a walk down a yummy memory lane indeed.

278 J.P. Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 646-8547
Just across the Shoe Museum, near Our Lady of the Abandoned Church
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. I love this place. Been here once pa lang.. They also have my fave drinks, Dr. Pepper. Will definitely come back, soon! =)

  2. thank you, Ness! I love Dr. Pepper too :) do share your experience with us when you have the chance to go back to Mama Chit's :) cheers!

  3. This might be off-topic cos I don't know where to comment. LOL. Have you previously covered a decent inuman place or resto bar here in Marikina? My friends tell me to go to Arabiscato. Thanks a lot!

  4. hello ianthensome! :) I don't drink (oops) that's why I haven't featured the drinks available at some places, but if you're looking for a resto bar, I have featured Mediterrasia and Good Thymes :) You can check them out on my posts so you'll have an idea of the place. I'll let you know if I find other good watering holes :) thanks for dropping by!

  5. They serve pasta dishes? I called them and the girl who answered said they only serve sandwiches.I wondered if it was the same Mama Chits I heard about so I googled it and found your post.Thank you for sharing this.I'll drop by Mama Chit's tonight :)

  6. hi Alisa! i agree, that's strange... Anyway, I love their creamy pesto! :) enjoy your visit to Mama Chit's tonight! ;) thanks for visiting my blog too!! :)

  7. Finally able to visit this place last night. Their cheeseburger is big and delicious too. Masarap din yung mojos nila, hindi ganun ka oily, and the spaghetti is yummy. :)
    Mabait pa yung crew na nag assist samin.
    We'll definitely come back.

  8. Hi Alvin! That's great to know ;-) I also looooove their pasta. :-) Do keep us posted on your foodie adventures as well, I really appreciate receiving foodie updates from you. See you around Marikina!

  9. We just had our dinner here a while ago. Unfortunately, we were disappointed with everything that we ordered.
    The onion rings are small. Dip is (i think) just an ordinary catsup. Burger (patty) is small. I think burger Mcdo is even bigger. Creamy pesto doesnt even taste like pesto. Buti na lang okay naman ang thai green tea

  10. hi Anonymous! you can try their pizza next time. The food tastes good for me, but what I also really love is the place itself, looking at the memorabilia. Hope you still check them out again some time. Cheers! ;-)

  11. My family and I are always on a food trip and we've been to a lot of restos featured here on your blog. Btw, I am 'Anonymous' haha. I just read my previous comment and I think it sounded masungit. Nadisappoint lang talaga ako sa inorder namin pero I agree with you. Maganda ang ambiance :)

  12. Hello there ;-) I think it's normal to feel that way, specially if you're paying to get good food and good service :-) I appreciate your feedback, I'm sure fellow readers appreciate them as well ;-)


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