Monday, August 15, 2011

More Reasons to Love CAFE KAPITAN

Finding ourselves once more at the cafe with lovely interiors: Cafe Kapitan, to have lunch with Sweetie's balikbayan Aunt (Hi Tita! hihi).

We pre-ordered a PAELLA for lunch, which we weren't able to try last time. You have to order at least an hour in advance for the paella because it takes quite long to prepare. (Side story: I remember the receptionist asking when I made the call about the paella serving sizes - "how many males and females in the group"? Are males perceived to eat that much rice? :p)

We arrived at around 1 p.m. and the place was quiet and relaxing as usual. We ordered two dishes to go with the paella - sweet and sour fish, and crunchy fish sticks:

Sweet and Sour Fish

Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce

Ordering these two additional dishes, technically, was wrong. In a food show I watched years ago, the host mentioned that when you serve paella for dinner or for any event, you do not serve anything else. The reason behind this is the paella being so rich in itself that you wouldn't need any other dish to go with it. But hey, who makes the rules for the tummy, right?

Since the paella is full of seafood, this is called the "paella de marisco", one of its most common types. Two other paellas that are popular are the "paella valenciana" (whose complete ingredient list of this era is as follows: short-grain white rice, chicken, rabbit, snails (optional), duck (optional), butter beans, great northern beans, runner beans, artichoke (a substitute for runner beans in the winter), tomatoes, fresh rosemary, sweet paprika, saffron, garlic (optional), salt, olive oil and water. (Poorer Valencians, however, sometimes used nothing more than snails for meat.), and the other one is "paella mixta" (mixed paella). Thank you Wiki for this information!

We loved the texture of the rice and the aroma of saffron infused into this dish. It was indeed a heavy meal that we didn't finish the "small" serving, hehe!

Try Cafe Kapitan's PAELLA (575 PhP small, 675 PhP medium, 775 PhP large) :)

There's also a wishing well inside that is beginning to get filled with different currencies too! Make a wish!

Ground Floor, Kapitan Moy Building
Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Right across Our Lady of the Abandoned Church
Opens daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Tel. No.: (0918) 933-7896 / (02) 646-4303
Munching Budget per person: starts at 150 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. love the food kapitan moy offers....
    attended a lot of rtd's their..

  2. @Mindanaoan: yes, it is really good! :) you have to order it in advance though. thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. hi Lowell! Kapitan Moy is a great venue for that... and the food is good indeed. :) thanks! cheers!

  4. looks delicious! we'll definitely try paella next time!

  5. hi Jam! thanks, it is delicious indeed. make sure you pack enough stomach space, the paella's quite heavy as they use special malagkit rice. :) cheers!

  6. lately into fish ako kaya interesting 'tong post of yours to me. as a matter of fact, i just had fish adobo sa chicken inasal last night. by the way, i agree with the rule that paella does not have to be with another order. yung wishing well nila is like a blog visitor counter of different countries LOL. so did you wish for something there?

  7. "yung wishing well nila is like a blog visitor counter of different countries LOL" - so funny and true :D

    and yes - we made a wish for good health of everyone dear to us :)


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