Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Reasons to Love QIZIA CAFE

"Qizia what?"

That was my initial reaction when my Mom mentioned that her officemates were raving about this cafe located behind SDS Medical Center, and that I should check it out. I didn't even know how to spell Qizia then! I've been to the cafe only once, and vowed to try their pastries on my next visit.

And on the next visit, not only did I get to try their pastries, I also discovered what QIZIA meant, too. Lifting this off from a page of their menu: 
"QI is believed to be part of every living thing that exists, as a kind of life force or spiritual energy. It is frequently translated as "energy flow" or literally "air" or "breath". ZIA is a sun symbol which originated with the Indians of the Zia Pueblo in ancient times. Its design reflects their tribal philosophy, with its wealth of pantheistic spiritualism teaching the basic harmony of all things in the universe."
So there, QIZIA is a combination of QI and ZIA, meaning the energy of life and harmony of all things. Cool!

Now we go to even cooler things, which is the food that we ordered:

I tried the ham and cheese French toast with potato chips sprinkled with cinnamon, served with strawberry jam (I remember reading maple syrup on the menu, however. Oh well.)

Because I miss Sagada's Yoghurt House so much, I immediately consume the ham part, and ate the cheese part with the strawberry jam - reminiscent of Yoghurt House's strawberry and cheese toast (Except in Sagada I had real strawberries, hihi)

Sweetie ordered the Grilled Fish plate - a dish with a big fish fillet on a yummy garlic sauce, served with (again, a big) grilled prawn and tomato salsa.

For sharing we ordered the grilled chicken pizza - with loads of cheese, peppers and corn kernels. Yum!

Our dinner

Then comes my favorite part as usual: DESSERT!

One of my readers suggested I try the Brazo de Mercedes of Qizia, so this time I made sure I ordered it.

Verdict: It was sooooo yummy! With lots of filling! One of the best I've had, really!

Their chocolate cake is really good too! The chocolate studs at the end of the cake make this treat even sweeter.

And the reason why I'll keep coming back to Qizia? THE CARROT CUPCAKE! The muffin is chunky-full of carrot and raisins, and the frosting is really good... Perfect for my sweet tooth! (Or teeth.) You can also order this as a regular cupcake, or its sugar-free version!

Good food at very affordable prices. Have your energy balance checked + food craving sated at Qizia today!

SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Ext. cor Pio del Pilar St. Concepcion II
Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 489-0760
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. hi 'kina girl. how much is the brazo slice? natakam ako dun sobra tsk-tsk.

  2. hi Karl! :) a slice is 105, and they also sell by the box for 630. :)

  3. ito nga, ito ata yung pinipicture-an mo that time.. :) hope to see you again roni!

  4. hi pat! haha! sige nga ano ang color ng shirt ko? :p see you around Marikina! :)

  5. oh no kailangan masubukan ang mga cakes na iyan!

  6. hi deniz, try the brazo de mercedes. you can never go wrong! ;-) the carrot cupcakes are good too!

  7. Howdy! I'm a big fan of your blog! I live near SKOW (walking distance lang) and I only found out about it here.
    BTW, there's this newly opened Pizza place along Lilac St. called General's Pizzeria! You might wanna check it out! It's just right across the gate of Rancho 1. Wouldn't be too hard to find! :)

  8. hi Matthew! how lucky you are, so near SKOW. :p Thanks for the pizza place tip! I'll surely include that in my list :D Cheers!

  9. hmmm expensive yung brazo but i'm sure there's a good reason why. balak ko sana um-order ng french toast na yan pero may cheese eh. my doctor told me to stay away from cheese muna. p'de kayang sabihin sa chef to remove the cheese or replace it with something else? or rude 'yung request?

  10. a little expensive at 105... but maybe it's because it has more yema than other brazos, i think that's the more costly part than the white fluffy meringue... hihi :D

    yes i believe you can make requests regarding your order. :) they are quite inclined to healthy eating, they even serve sugarless cupcakes :) (not sure if that is connected to being near a hospital, where nutrition is highly observed)

  11. hi roni. nice post. am very familiar with the place. kung baga, suki at parokyano ako hehe. i always stop by to have a small much after my rounds at sds... yum

  12. hi doc! great to hear. buti ka pa malapit lang sa Qizia. sana ganun din ka-accessible ang Brazo de Mercedes nila sa akin, hihi :D thanks for dropping by! ;)

  13. Hi! Great post! :) It was my first time at Qizia last night and I must say that it offers great food at affordable prices! Love! :)

    BTW, I am from Marikina too. :)


  14. Thanks so much for the feedback Jes! :) I am so happy to hear from a fellow Marikenya! ;)

  15. Nagpunta kami dito kagabi. :) Wala sa menu ang Carrot Cupcake pero merong Carrot Minicake. Sarap! Instant favorite ni BF! Balik daw ulit kami for brazo. ;)

    1. hi Nicole! thanks for sharing your experience ;-) balitaan mo ako about the brazo, super yummy din yun ;-)

  16. Hi Roni,

    conquered Cafe Flora awhile ago. thanks to your blog.


    1. Thanks Criz! hope you had a great time there ;-)

  17. Hi! We went here to try the spicy seafood pasta, cheese sticks, and the four cheese pizza. Brazo too for dessert.

    Brazo was meh:( pizza was good and the blue cheese was dominant!:)

    1. noted on the bleu cheese! sounds yummyyyy ;-) thanks so much for sharing here. ;-)


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