Sunday, August 7, 2011

Even More Reasons to Love OGGO AND JULLZ

Yes, we're back at Oggo and Jullz earlier today. This is part 1 of our lovely sister's treat for her *toot*. (Yes, sometimes things are best kept as secrets - oh why do I even write it here? Hehe.)

We ordered dishes that we still haven't tried before - exhausting the menu, as usual. In my previous posts about Oggo and Jullz, we munched on both grilled and sizzling - and of course, we never failed to order THE Banoffee pie.

FREE PEANUTS! (Sometimes they serve chichacorn)

We tried their value meals! Served with rice and iced tea, prices range from 50 to 60 pesos. Cool huh?

BURGER STEAK MEAL. The patties taste homemade and not commercial. The gravy goes well with the burgers too!

 LUMPIANG SHANGHAI MEAL. Crunchy shanghai served with the classic catsup. So simple yet so filling.

PORKCHOP MEAL. Crispy breaded porkchop + catsup = You can never go wrong!

We also ordered some entrees:

Their CRISPY PORK SISIG (They call it C.P.S.) was such nice surprise!! It was very flavorful and very crunchy. I couldn't resist scooping more onto my plate. :D I am including this in my 'favorites' list. Make sure you order this when you visit Oggo and Jullz!

The PINAKBET CON LECHON was also a hit! The veggies were fresh and not overcooked at all, they were crisp and flavorful, the ampalaya (bitter gourd) was cooked right, and the pieces of lechon kawali completed the whole dish.

Even with our bellies bursting with all the food we just ate, we still had room for dessert. I think it is genetic: that small stomach space shaped like a slice of cake - we all have it.

The BANOFFEE PIE! Yum! I don't think there will ever be a visit to Oggo and Jullz that would lack even a slice of Banoffee pie.

Our recent, delicious discovery: THE MANGO RAPSA! Rapsa talaga! Mangoes, cream, graham and syrup. A treat we'll always be ordering from now on along with the classic Banoffee.

Their FRUIT SALAD has a new, fancier look - with tastier toppings too! I remember our first visit to Oggo and Jullz, the fruit salad was served in cups. Good thing they took it up a notch and made this sweet treat even... sweeter. :)

727 J.P. Rizal Street, Malanday, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 227-6869
Visit their website here.
Right across South Supermarket
Munching Budget per person: starts at 50 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. how much is the mango rapsa?

  2. hi there, the Mango Rapsa costs 60 pesos :)

  3. thanks! Lage ko tinitignan blog mo and yung sa fb din...dahil dito na-try ko na ang banoffee pie! at talagang i will lahat ng pinost mo hehe :)

  4. and..WOW..same school pala tayo Marikina Science din ako..batch 2005..nice! Nabasa ko lang sa isa sa mga comments mo dito :)

  5. hi Precious! thanks! I'm happy to know you'll be visiting other places featured here too :) yes, Marikina Science din ako, hihi :) pero nung time na MIST pa ang tawag sa kaniya ;) thanks ulit and happy food tripping! If may time ka, give feedback regarding your experience here or on the FB page. Cheers! :D

  6. hi! yes masarap talaga and mura pa :)

  7. I tried the Sisig with egg 100php. Hmm- Roni, did you tasted "Sisig Hooray" their sisig was almost the same in taste, crunch and smell. I'd rather go for Sisig Hooray, cheaper and faster. I ordered chicken skewers too, well the chicken was soft and juicy, but some parts of the meat are not properly cooked. Anyway, if im going to rate them, that sisig was only 6/10 for me. :) we need to put toyo and sili/hotsauce to make it more tastier!. :)

  8. hi there! thanks so much for the feedback. Yes, I have tried Sisig Hooray and despite people branding it as fast food, I think Sisig Hooray is still one of the best sisigs in town (there's a branch in Concepcion, Marikina) :) I haven't tried the chicken skewers at Oggo and Jullz, might give them a go next time. Sorry to hear their CPS didn't leave a good impression. Did their desserts make up for it though? :D I think the resto grill is relatively new so there's always room to improve. thanks a bunch for dropping by!! :)

  9. gusto ko itry lahat ng restaus dito sa marikina, thanks po!

    P.s.ang cute naman ni ms. Roni hihihi

  10. hi there! go lang, i'm sure you'll enjoy the food in the restaurants featured here. :)

    P.S. thanks! hehehe :D

  11. lutong pinoy ang mga ulam ha hehe yum-yum, especially the lumpiang shanghai kahit pa chinese ang origin. staple na kasi once a week sa mga households 'yan. plus, sa fiesta. how was the filling of the lumpia?

  12. hey Karl! the filling was good, sulit naman for its price :) we like the ambience at Oggo and Jullz... so homey. :)

  13. Roni, just wondering if you know kung the place is still on operation? Tried to go here kahapon and tody pero sarado sila the whole day eh. Just wondering if you have an idea why. Thanks. Cheers, Kat.

  14. hi Kat! oh no, sorry about that :( I tried calling their number but I don't think it's working. I'll post an update as soon as I hear from them. I hope they do open soon! thanks Kat :)

  15. No Prob. :) Will update you too. I live near the place. Haha I might try dropping by again tonight. :)


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