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Craving for Thai Food while in Marikina City? Good news: KRUNG THAI, the longest-running (if not the ONLY) Thai restaurant of Marikina, is right in the heart of the city. Located centrally at the public market, you can get your Thai cuisine craving sated any day of the week. And oh yes they serve REALLY good food. A couple of weeks ago, I checked out the restaurant again (for the Nth time) with my family and Sweetie to prepare for this feature.

 The Menu

 Inside the restaurant. Cozy and comfy.

Thai-themed ornaments

So now, let's get to the food, yes?

 Thai-style Iced Tea (79 PhP). So yummy with its milky flavor.

 Bagoong Rice with Special Omelette and Pork Adobo bits (99 PhP/189 PhP/389 PhP for small, medium and large servings). A meal on its own.

 This Spicy Green Mango Salad comes with every order of Bagoong Rice.

 The Best Spring Fried Chicken I have ever tasted. Full of flavor! (129 PhP/249 PhP/498 PhP for quarter, half or whole chicken)

 What makes the Spring Fried Chicken even better is if you dip it in this Thai Chili Sauce. SO-YUMMY-NESS.

 Thai Spring Rolls filled with meat, bean sprouts and glass noodles. Delicious.

What's a Thai meal without Pad Thai (129 PhP)? Seasoned flavorful Thai noodles with Tofu and Sprouts. Another winner from Krung Thai.

A photo of me and my "Barkada", also known as my Mom simply enjoying Thai food. Thanks for this shot Sweetie!

Head to Krung Thai for an instant feel of Thailand any time. :)

Marikina Public Market
M. Cruz Street corner W.C. Paz, Sta. Elena, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 646-2005 / (02) 681-7696 / 09277920587
OPEN EVERYDAY from 9am to 9pm
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. oh wow,thai food!by the way roni,i'm curious if you get to enjoy all your meals --- gratis?hehe

  2. hi Shannon! I pay for all my meals. :D

  3. i miss thai food tuloy.. favorite ko ung pad thai, bagoong rice, spicy mango and thai tea.. havent tried the spring roll... puntahan ko yan minsan

  4. we love their thai style iced tea too! :) winner din ang spring roll. try the fried chicken too, if you still haven't tasted it. :)

  5. The rice and pork dish looks scrumptious.. Very reminiscent of food here in the Caribbean. And I'm drooling just looking at the Chili Sauce... yum! Looking forward to more posts :)

  6. thanks Avateur Chef! I'm so glad my photos stretch out to the Carribean, a place I really hope to visit one day. thanks again! Cheers!

  7. the reason why i love reading your posts are the great photos! i can almost taste the food, Roni!

  8. Seatmate!I love your blog! i LOVE Thai food too. Krung Thai's Spring Fried Chicken is really flavorful and mouthwatering. Remember, we used to live like a few blocks away from them kaya favorite take-out dish namin yan. :) But I must say that their Tom Yum spicy seafood soup is the REAL DEAL!!Sama mo ako one time sa food trip mo!muah

  9. seatmate! thanks so much!! super sarap talaga ng food sa Krung Thai :D thanks ulit for visiting my blog, touched naman ako. :)

  10. We visited Krung Thai on 4th of July. Phad Thai was perfect and for P199 it was good for 4. Binagoong rice was just right with sweet adobo bits (my brother reminded him of our lola's version of sweet spareribs). Mango salad was refreshing. Spring chicken was tender but it tasted just a regular chicken with light breading. Sad too say Tom Yum was not available that day. I haven't been to Thailand so I wouldn't know how to compare the authentic one to this but it was nice that there's a Thai Restaurant near San Mateo, Rizal. I've only tried Thai cuisine in Jatujak in Megamall and The Block and SOMS in Makati and Mandaluyong.

    Thank you for your blogs. It really makes me wanna try every resto in Marikina area. My cousin asked me to use the #ExploreMarikina hashtag in FB so Marikina will be easy to search.

    More power to you!

    1. hi Joyvz! thanks so much for sharing your experience! Krung Thai is one of Marikina's unique restaurants (not to mention the favorite of many families!).

      You have an awesome blog as well. thanks for dropping by and I hope to hear from you more in the future. Cheers!

  11. This looks very interesting. esp. the bagoong rice. I can't remember the last time I had an authentic thai food. I'll definitely find this resto.

    1. Hi Miguel! Yes please try the Bagoong Rice :-) Their fried chicken is also good. :-) Hope you share with us how your dining experience goes. Enjoy! Thanks!


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