Monday, April 25, 2011


***As of 02 October 2012, Zakee Shawerma and Kebab Mediterranean Cuisine is closed.***

Presenting our newest discovery: ZAKEE Shawerma and Kebab Mediterranean Cuisine!

Whenever we go to Sta. Lucia Mall or Robinson's Metro East, we always pass by Gil Fernando avenue (formerly Tuazon) on our way home. A few weeks ago, I noticed a new establishment beside Luyong - with signs of Shawerma and Kebab all over the place. Yesterday, Sweetie and I decided to try it out.

 Zakee has a clean and very nice interior

 I really like the effects of blue lights... Sort of reminded of my gyro experience in Paris. :)

We were really excited about what's in store for us in this resto so we ordered a bit of everything. Hummus wasn't available that time, but I will definitely go back to try their hummus and their beef shawerma (again)!

The good stuff that we ordered:

 Sizzling beef kebab with rice

 Keema: Spicy herbs and spices with ground beef, tomato, potato and eggplant. Oh-so-hot. And oh so yummy!

Beef shawerma with cheese. So yummy! The beef was very tender and flavorful, the onions and tomatoes fresh and crisp. Plus they give you unlimited yoghurt garlic sauce. Need we ask for more?!

 For me, these two sauces are their secret ingredients. The one to your left is the YOGHURT GARLIC SAUCE, and the other one is their TAHINI SAUCE (tastes a bit like hummus). They give these to you and you can actually finish the whole bottle. I almost did. (Hehe!)

 Home-made Yoghurt

 My fave Raspberry Sola and Sweetie's Sprite to accompany our good meals

Our dining experience at Zakee was really fun and filling. I love, love, love, Mediterranean cuisine, and their shawerma was really a wonderful surprise. I will definitely come back to try their other dishes, their beef shawerma and of course, the two sauces I fell in love with: yoghurt garlic and tahini. *drools* (Might try the oxbrain too...)
 I love their lamps too. :)

#23 Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque, Marikina City 
Tel. No.: 09058080317 (Mr. Mon Momani)
OPEN EVERYDAY from 10am to 4am (Perfect place where you can grab a midnight snack, or hang out after all your weekend gimmicks!)
Munching Budget per person: starts at 60PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. yup, masarap yung beef shawarma with cheese, tapos unlimited yoghurt garlic sauce and tahini sauce pa! :D

  2. I love to made food and I made the new dishes in every weekend. Now I want to buy some diet food. Please tell me how do I make pomegranate chicken like that found in Mediterranean restaurant?

  3. hi! thanks for visiting. i only feature restaurants that i check out... but i don't make the food. really sorry i can't help you with this. you can try this link from one of my favorite sites:

  4. i love their spicy hummus+pita combination!! and very cheap bottomless iced tea. and the fact that they're open 24/7. awesome recommend ^^

  5. hi Chad! great to know you liked the place! :-) may mga friends ako na diyan ang tuloy after nila uminom, hehe! speaking of bottomless, i really like the unlimited tahini and yoghurt garlic sauces, too! thanks for dropping by, Chad :-) see you around!

  6. I tried looking for this place but to no avail. Is it still open?

  7. hi JR, yes I'm sorry I think they've closed already... :-( I will update this post. Thanks! Cheers!


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