Thursday, June 7, 2012

More Reasons to Love PERFECT MOMENTS

And so I am back, my dearies. So sorry to have you hanging in there!

Let me open the mid-year (Yes, it IS June!) with a post featuring one of our favorite foodie spots in Blue Wave Marikina: PERFECT MOMENTS! I love the interiors, the affordable food and the warm service at Perfect Moments. I will always go back for their carrot cake, too. :-)

We were back at Perfect Moments to get a much-needed break from all the fast food we have been feeding our human bodies with. I discovered at that moment that they serve a dish that I uber love, specially for merienda (nuninuninu). But first, some photos:

 Sis and Mom - I love theeeeeem!

Me and Mom - I love them too! Hehe!

We ordered our staples:

 Grilled Chicken (Dish comes with your choice of Plain, Garlic or Spicy rice, with free iced tea!)

Grilled Liempo (Dish comes with your choice of Plain, Garlic or Spicy rice, with free iced tea!)

 Sizzling Burger Steak (Dish comes with your choice of Plain, Garlic or Spicy rice, with free iced tea!)

Their spicy fried rice: this is the first time I tried this rice and let me tell you, it is really spicy. If your tolerance for spice is quite low, you can ask them to adjust the chili they mix with the rice.

 Super yummy egg pie!

Mom enjoying the egg pie (I just had to super promote the egg pie, no?)

Now, let me tell you about the dish that I was overly happy to find at Perfect Moments:

Pancit Habhab!!! Waaaahhhh! I loooove Pancit Habhab. Typical of the province of Quezon, this pancit is best eaten with vinegar. The thought of a place very near my home that serves pancit habhab thrills me no end...

Got pancit?

As their banner says, "Designer Cakes and Everything Else", head to Perfect Moments for a different dining experience where grilled, cakes and even pancit perfectly come together.

Ground Floor, Blue Wave Mall Marquinton
Sumulong Highway, Sto. Nino, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 298-3871 / (02) 941-3266 / 0922-8116419
Visit their website here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 50 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. now i wish we're near that place so we can try it!

  2. @i♥pinkc00kies hope you get to visit Marikina real soon ♥

  3. @Mich: the pancit is really good. i will be back this week. hehe, adik lang ;-)

  4. yes Ed I agree. they are sooo nice. as in ;-) thanks for dropping by! ;-)

  5. yup they are so hospitable,,,,,,lalo na yung si nanay haha i don't know the name ang bait talaga niya sobra.

  6. hi roni! thanks for the info, now i know what should i call her the next time i dine their haha, thanks again roni :)


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