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And so begins a series of food adventure posts with the winners of my recently-held blog promo. For those who are catching up just now, everybody who joined won. Haha! Oh yes, I feel good. :-)

I was originally planning to take the first-ever winner, Alvin, to Good Thymes with me but thanks to Chad, I learned about another hidden gem in the Marikina-Bayan area so I quickly decided to change the venue to the said discovery: Alexei's Diner and Cafe.

Dearest readers, meet Alvin! :-) This picture was taken a few seconds before we devoured the food. Hehe! Alvin is an engineer currently working in Ortigas. He stumbled upon my blog while looking for date places (uyyyy) for him and his girlfriend. I'm sure by this time he has included Alexei's in his list (He told me he does keep a list on his phone!).

A little backtrack: While waiting for Alvin because he got lost (thanks to me, I didn't give him directions before the meet up! Haha! Sorry Alvin.), I took several photos of the place. I am quite happy to know about Alexei's since I only pass by its gate once in a while and I NEVER knew that such a beautiful dining spot awaited behind its green gates. (As usual, this is a photo-heavy post!)

 Dining area outside

 The main dining area (shot taken from the second floor) Very nice, right?

 Dining area at the second floor

 More outdoor seating

 The counter and bar

 Lots of magazines! Super nice.

Their infamous wall clock

At this point, I know that some of you are thinking about bringing your dates here, eh? :-p Let's complete your planning by sharing with you what Alvin and I munched on at Alexei's:

Alvin's super macho PINK shake. Hahaha!!!! Sorry can't help but laugh. We laughed about this all dinner. Tough men wear AND order pink stuff, right? ;-)  The shake's good according to Alvin. (Pink Banana Shake, 115 PhP)

Are you ready for the best pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes? I wasn't. Because this pasta is really good. They were very generous with the amount of Sun Dried Tomatoes they put in this dish. I loved it! Yummy yummy yummy. (Shrimps and Sun Dried Tomatoes Pasta, 150 PhP)

Alvin ordered the Angas Angus Burger (295 PhP). It was served with fries on the side. Thank you Alvin for splitting the burger with me, bwahaha! I was too shy to ask. I gave you some of the pasta, right? ;-) The burger was juicy and packed with flavor. Another must-try burger in Marikina.

The waiters said this is one of their bestsellers. So we tried it. with both dips available (ranch and barbecue). And they were right! The onion rings were crispy-crunchy-yummy. Other onion rings have soggy onions but Alexei's onion rings were cooked perfectly, with the dips serving as a great complement to the overall taste of this appetizer.

Hey hey hey, I ordered a shake too! Of course, it was yummy! (Tooty Fruity, 115 PhP)

Alvin and Roni, attack!!!

After five minutes, Alvin finished everything... Hahaha!

I had a really great time with Alvin. We talked about a LOT of stuff (yes, no dead air) from work to school to hobbies and music and life in general. And oh, I hate him too, because he has this photo:


Thank you Alvin for joining my blog promo and of course for sharing your time in discovering this new place with me. All the best! See you around Marikina!

As for you, dearest readers, I encourage you to drop by Alexei's grill and try their pasta, burgers, and onion rings (and pink shakes...)!

Alvin's entry: Roni, ako ang dapat mong isama sa iyong susunod na "pakikipagsapalaran sa pagkain" dahil mahilig akong kumain, haha. Also, gusto ko ring mag explore ng mga lugar where the food is great but at the same time is also very much affordable.
And another reason i can give to you para isama ako is that special day ko yung Apr 29. hehe ^_^

7 Gil Fernando Avenue, Sto. Nino, Marikina City
(Walking distance from Robinson's Blue Wave. Walk towards the direction of San Mateo bound FXs / jeepneys, not towards Sta. Lucia bound jeepneys.)
Tel. No.: (02) 901-4674
Operating hours: All days of the week from 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Visit their Facebook page here.

Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Now I'm craving for onion rings. hahaha. Congratulations Alvin! I hope I could visit the place too. :) The pasta looks delicious. ;)

  2. Thanks again Roni for the treat. I just realized now that what I ordered was indeed the "macho meal" (the shake and the Angas Angus). Really suited for tough guys. hahaha :P

    "After five minutes, Alvin finished everything... Hahaha!" <- It's not only me, haha. Now I remembered why you noted my response when you ask me how was the food.

    Seriously guys, their food looked and tasted really great. Worth trying out.

    Roni: How was the food?
    Me: Ok lang...
    Me: ... ok lang ubusin ^_^

    Smile ^_^

  3. parang ang sarap nung Tutti Frutti shake.. hehe.. looking forward tuloy ako sa mga behind the kwentos ng ibang winners.. More powers to you Roni.. God bless

  4. @Mich: the onion rings are really good!! you should try it. and the pasta... ohhhh the pasta... sarap. the sun dried tomatoes were chewy, sour, sweet... lovely. ;-)

    P.S. you are on the short list of the readers I'm going to dine with next... haha! :-)

  5. @Alvin: hahaha!!! tough guys pala ha! :-D hope to see you around Marikina. feel free to drop comments on other posts here in case ma-visit mo na yung ibang Marikina foodie places diyan sa to-visit list mo ;-) thanks Alvin!

  6. @Bea: yes, it has the right amount of sour-sweet notes in it. Yummy! The shake was yoghurt-based too. :-) And yes... I can't wait as well to meet, eat with, and write about the rest of the winners --- you included!! :-)

  7. Hehe! Natawa naman ako, pareho kami ni Alvin na dito nagccheck kung saan ok kumain for date. :)

    Again, dagdag sa list. :)

  8. Hahaha! Pero that's great to know Nicole. Alexei's is actually quite private compared to other places. Perfect for your date... ;-)

  9. P.S. including you in my blog roll as well. Thanks Nicole!

  10. swerte naman ni Alvin :(( inggit ako! hope i can join sa susunod Roni!

  11. hi there! yes keep visiting, i might publish some new promos! ;-) cheers!

  12. Good for Alvin. Natikman niya ang masasarap na pagkain sa Marikina. Madami pala interesting restaurants sa Marikina? Thank for this. Now I have an idea where to go kapag mag-foodtripping sa Marikina.

  13. hi Ishmael! Yes, sobrang daming food places sa Marikina... and patuloy silang dumadami. Hope you enjoy your future food trips in Marikina! Thanks for dropping by! :-)

  14. Wow Roni, everything looks delicious! You are making me want to visit Marikina talaga! haha! I missed your contest, I've been very busy lately, but congratulations to the winners!

  15. hi there Yedy! thanks for dropping by! I hope you visit Marikina soon, let me know when maybe I can join you! More power to!! :-) thanks again!

  16. Roni, i can't seem to find the place. I tried going one sunday pero di ko nakita. Kaya nagfoodtrip na lang kami sa ibang restos (as you recommended here). Can you give me a landmark pls? I really want to try out Alexi's with my friends. Thank you! :)

  17. hi there! I'll post a map here as soon as I can ;-) Alexei's is such a nice place ;-) thanks for dropping by this blog and for trying out the foodie spots I featured here ;-)

  18. hi roni! how are you? i've dine at alexei's last july 14 i've found out that it's partly auto body repair shop, i like their concept and interiors and designs, i also enjoyed the large servings of food!haha=)

  19. hi ed! i'm really happy to know you had such a great time! ;-) looking forward to hearing more of your other food trips in Marikina. keep us posted as well. Thanks!!

  20. Great blog! I'll visit the shop later.. :)

    1. that's great! thanks for dropping by Louis! :-)


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