Monday, December 19, 2011


Hello there dear readers, we just would like to touch base with you. :) We are so sorry for the irregularity of posts this month. Like everyone else, we've been extremely busy this holiday season and creating a blog post couldn't even find a slot on our schedule. Boo hoo!

The Marikina Food Trip blog is just a year old but it has received overwhelming support over the last few months. (Check out our Fan Page on Facebook too!) So this coming year, we promise to give you more food, more photos, and more fun. Watch out for it.

For now, we wish everyone a happy holiday season and a blessed 2012!!! :)

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. merry Christmas :) sana magfeature ka kung paano mag xmas ang mga marikenio :D

  2. great idea! thanks rah! enjoy the holidays ;)

  3. Hi roni,this is josephine,or call me jojie.i'm a frustrated blogger myself as i just can't find time to write with my busy schedule.thank you for appreciating our products.i love your looks so professional.hope you can help us sometime.:-)

  4. hi Chef Jojie! thank you for visiting my blog, of course I would love to help you out. Just send me an e-mail at :-) More power!


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