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Last week, we were looking for a Japanese restaurant along Lilac but ended up checking out General's Pizzeria instead. The place is one open dining area which mostly serves take-out orders. Dine-ins are also a good idea: their location is near the serene subdivision of Rancho and you can have your pizza without the usual city noise. Imagine being stressed, munching on your pizza, and staring into nowhere. Hehe!

Walking into the pizzeria, you will see the menu mounted on top of the see-through kitchen. The menu really caught my attention: I am such a sucker for fancy food names, and General's Pizzeria offers pizza variants such as Private Cheese or Lt. Gen. Makisig. Too cute!

'Maj. Vegetta' reminds me of my Dragonball days though! Haha!

Their pizza is made from scratch with no frozen doughs. The kitchen faces the dining area, so you can observe the staff while they are busy preparing your order.

We ordered Bgd. Gen. BCB and Major General Hungitalian. Their pizzas come in two sizes, the "Squad" which is equivalent to a 10-inch pizza, and the "Battalion" which corresponds to the 14-inch pizza. We are really impressed with the quality of the pizzas given the affordable price! Like any other pizza, theirs is also best eaten straight out of the oven.

 Bgd. Gen. BCB - bacon, burger bits and mozzarella cheese (10 inches at 165 PhP, 14 inches at 239 PhP)

Major General Hungitalian - hungarian sausage, Italian sausage bits and mozzarella cheese (10 inches at 165 PhP, 14 inches at 249 PhP)

We also ordered a pasta dish called Pomodoro. I liked it! It is al dente pasta with tomato sauce and basil. I always prefer my spaghetti sour and fragrant and not sweet.

Pomodoro pasta (95 PhP). Other pasta variants available are Al Pesto, Classico Italiano, and Pesto Neptuno.

Another good news that comes along with General Pizzeria's opening is that THEY DELIVER! See the details at the end of this post for the delivery number. :)

Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Marikina City, Philippines
Right across Rancho Estate's main gate
Tel. No.: (02) 227-3253
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Grabe Roni another place that I need to checkout! Ang dami mo nang na post dito na hindi ko pa napupuntahan. :)

  2. Hi Jessica dear, they're waiting for you! ;) i'll look forward to hearing about your foodie experience when you do check out these places. thanks! :)

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  4. hi. yung japanese resto ba eh yung tamagoya? kung tamagoya nga eh wala na siya sa marikina. antipolo na siya. derecho ka lang ng lilac. cross the small bridge (kung matatapos ang pag repair).

  5. hello there :) yup, it's Tamagoya, yun nga lang baka hindi ko ma-feature dito kasi Antipolo na nga daw yun, i think area na ng Mayamot? sayang!! hihi! ;)

  6. wooooow ang mura ng pizza nila!

  7. super mura talaga so we bought two without even thinking twice :D tastes really good for the price. :)

  8. Hi.. nice blog... try to go to boyongs.. great pasta and grilled burgers(30php)... that's somewhere in dela paz.. few steps in china trust..address: J.P. Rizal corner E. dela Paz Street San Roque, Marikina City.. they open around 2pm..

  9. hi toni!!! thanks for dropping by :) great website work you got there ;)
    i tried boyong's only once, but i am really planning to go back! super yummy and affordable! thanks again :)

  10. Hi, Roni!

    I just tried out their General Overload pizza and it was great, and I'm considering both the price and taste! Although you have to eat it while it's still hot. Like any other pizza, its crunchiness fades as it gets cold. XD

    I was looking for the menu for General's Pizzeria and your site was the first I stumbled on. It's awesome to find a fellow blogger like yourself around! I'm also a food enthusiast, but I blog more on anime, computer and music stuff. And I agree, Marikina is the place to be when looking for rare yet exceptional single-branched food places! :D

    Say, you interested in exchanging links? If it's alright, include me na lang in your blogroll as I've included you here: ^_^

    Will be keeping track of your blog! Keep up the good work! :D

  11. hi Chad! I'm done adding you to my blogroll as well. ;-) if you have time, please check out the other foodie spots in Marikina! i'm sure you'll love them all.

    thanks so much for dropping by, hope to see you around! ciao!


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