Thursday, November 24, 2011


All I could remember about that night was the fatigue.

The whole family was really tired because of our 'activity' which we finished by midnight. Of course, it was too late when we realized we were hungry and almost all food places were closed.

Well, save a few. Like Makabayan Goto Tapsi!!! (We could all hear the Hallelujah chorus when we saw the sign "Open 24 Hours".) Our lives are saved! Anyway, what better fuel to feed your weary body than goto, right? Nothing beats warm rice porridge on a cold, fourth-quarter-of-the-year night.

We thought they only sold goto and its reliable sidekick tokwa't baboy. But we were wrong. They had a whole lot on their menu including silog meals and sizzling plates. They also have personal favorites such as okoy and saba con yelo.

We ordered the Kabayan Goto (35 PhP), which has all the best ingredients in the world: beef, isaw (pig intestine) and twalya (tripe). It was really flavorful, so perfect for hungry troops like us.

Want some? :)

Hello world: meet goto's ever reliable side kick - tokwa't baboy! (28 Php)

Half of the hungry troop ordered tapsilog (60 PhP) and according to them, Makabayan's "Kabayan Tapsi" is delicious, with lots of sauce (I can't say 'saucy', looked it up and it specifically means a totally different thing, hehe)

There's also puto available! Yey!

The good food served in Makabayan lifted off our stress and made us all guapos and guapas again. (Ruel, you are as always the most candid in the photo.)

And oh, I would like to revise my first statement: All I could remember about that night was the fatigue, and the comfort that hot food and an awesome family can provide.

Along J.P. Rizal Street, Lamuan, Malanday, Marikina City, Philippines
Near South Supermarket and Roosevelt College Lamuan
Open 24 hours daily
Munching Budget per person: starts at 12 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. tried this one the other day. i loooooved their goto! salamat for recommending.

    P.S. parang mga social ang kumakain dito? ;)

  2. hi there aimee! we are super happy na nadiscover namin ang gotohan na ito. open 24 hours, and serves really goood goto. may isaw pa, yum! :)

  3. That tokwa't baboy really looks good. The best side dish for Goto :)

    1. I agree :-) I like their goto here because they have the special that has isaw, twalya and beef in it ;-) hope you visit Marikina soon!


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