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You guys have seen me posting about this on the All Over Marikina Facebook page, and I am more than happy to be blogging about COCO FRESH TEA AND JUICE, which recently opened their first branch in the Philippines right in the heart of Eastwood (a neighbor of ours, yes!), and has over 1,500 stores worldwide!

We all love milk teas, fruit juices, iced coffees... a drink trend that started way back. COCO FRESH TEA AND JUICE offers not just the same line up of drinks that we are used to having, but a whole new set of healthy alternatives for refreshments. Their secret? FRESH ingredients that are sourced from the best suppliers both locally and abroad.

There are three tea bases for their drinks: the black, the green tea, and the mountain tea base, which are all beverages rich with anti-oxidants.

The Lemon Calamansi with Aloe is a refreshing mix of citrus components, perfect for the summer weather!

The Pineapple Black Tea Jelly has in its mix pineapples from Taiwan, in Assam Black Tea, topped with Coconut Jelly

 The Grapefruit and Orange tea has a very distinct grapefruit flavor, perfectly mixed with orange.

 Look at all those cups of freshness!

Sis holding our favorite drink: the PASSION FRUIT TEA BURST! Made with Passion Fruit sourced from Ecuador and Vietnam, blended with Jasmine tea, mixed with pearls and coconut jelly. This one is really, really good. You should try this when you visit Coco Fresh Tea and Juice!

No kidding: I visit their store in Eastwood least once a week! :-)

During the TeamUp event, Larry Evans Tan, General Manager, walked us through the brand and its advocacies, and addressed all the questions that we had.

EHEM! As guest speaker, they invited Chris Everingham a Health Coach and a member of the Philippine Volcanoes to give health tips, and to discuss the benefits of drinking tea.

Such a hottie!

Cute :-)

Bagay ba kami? Hehe! During the break, we got divided into groups to create our own drinks. How cool was that? Chris got assigned to our team! Yey!

I also got to meet fellow bloggers, like Teta of Let's Talk, Let's Eat, Let's Wander, and Kim Nieves of Glitteringly Yours.

 And the awesome ladies behind Mission Green Possible! Check out their site, it's really cool!

Joining Coco Fresh Tea And Juice TeamUp is Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy, (Larry and Chris), and Ateneo's Gretchen Ho and Selina Dagdag. 

From Marikina, that would be me and Sis! Hehe!

Coco Fresh Tea and Juice opens soon in SM City Fairview and Fisher Mall! Watch out for it! For now, head to their Eastwood Branch (Technoplaza 2) and grab your cups of high-quality drinks of freshness!

2nd Floor, Technoplaza 2
Near Robinson's Supermarket Entrance
Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 70 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.


  1. This looks like a really cool place. Thank you so much for sharing, your photos are great.

  2. I've tried a lot of Milk tea from different stores and Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, and Tea zone are my favorite. Thanks for letting us know about this expect me to come over one of these days. Cheers!


  3. Can't get enough of coco Tea Lemon calamansi w/ Aloe! Glad they're here at the Philippines already. :)


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