Wednesday, October 12, 2011


An unassuming but quite successful inasal joint and watering hole in one across Kapitan Moy, Parikit Inasal is one of the best places to sate your inasal craving or to have a fun drinking session with friends. The resto grill is open 24/7 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, all night.

Just across Kapitan Moy and the church of Our Lady of the Abandoned

 There are several lamps all over the place :)

The set-up is simple with a native feel

A wash station for those who want to eat their inasal the authentic way

Kuya in red is the only server at that time, (I think more people flock the place in the evening) and he is our favorite, super bait hehe! Forgot to ask his name though :-/

For lunch we had:

Inasal, 85 PhP (They have all you can-in as well - all the rice you can eat!)

The usual condiments for inasal

Little sister is a fan of tocino so she ordered tosilog, 60 PhP

We were all giddy to see the menu included Lucban specialties such as longganisa Lucban! I ordered the Lalucsilog (60 PhP) and was very happy about it! Yum yum! The menu also lists Pancit Lucban (Habhab) but they had no stock when we were there. Next time! :) Also available are merienda items like siomai and noodles.

So if you're craving for inasal in the middle of the night or need the company of family or friends any time of the day, this is one place you can definitely go to. Good food + cool drinks.  Check out Parikit Inasal today!

378 De Guangco St., Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Across Our Lady of the Abandoned church and Kapitan Moy
Tel. No.: (02) 346-0024 / 09193509647 / 09228988261
Visit their Facebook page here.
THEY DELIVER! Just contact the numbers listed above.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 25 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. I saw this one 2 Saturdays ago coz we had a wedding at OLA. I think the price is absolutely affordable and again I might have to give this a shot. Thanks for posting Roni! I do looooove your blog! Maybe we should go on a Marikina food trip together one time. :D

  2. Hi jssica wabbitty dear, yes, i have been wanting to bond with readers and facebook friends, i just can't find the time. hopefully what i'm planning to organize will push through end of this year or early next year ;) thanks thanks!! :)

  3. Wow, Roni, after reading your blog posts, I always want to go to Marikina right after :D

    I love inasal :D

    Btw, my friend was telling me that there's a Japanese resto along Sumulong (Marikina side) na masarap. I forgot the name though. :O Near Masinag lang daw.

  4. hi Smarla! thanks thanks thanks for the Japanese resto tip! I shall coerce my sisters to go there with me later, hehehe :D Cheers!

  5. "coerce" talaga yung term ah. hahaha.
    nice find Roni. pero I think we are getting too many "Inasal" hangouts already no? Everyone's going Inasal. I like the fact that this is open 24/7 though. Galing mo kumuha ng food pics. =)

    btw- didn't made it to Spartea, umulan eh, didn't got to run

  6. thanks Seamus!! :D yeah, i agree that Inasal places are all over the place ;) sana you can try Spartea next time :D mukhang wala nang bagyo. hehe :)

  7. love this piece.....

  8. thanks for this write up....

  9. thanks anonymous! ;) keep visiting!

  10. you're welcome Kevin! my pleasure. sarap ng longganisa lucban, and the inasal of course. sana matry din namin habhab next time :)


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