Monday, July 4, 2011


For those of you who are wondering where to eat in SM Marikina (obviously for those who haven't been inside the mall), I took a few shots of the restaurants there to serve as your reference. If you happen to be in the area and wonder if there will be good finds inside the mall (there always are!), check out this list to get an idea. This is not a complete list of the restaurants inside the mall, I missed taking shots of WHAM! Burgers, Gonuts Donuts, and the food court for example. :)

 FRENCH BAKER: My Mom's favorite merienda place!

 PIZZA HUT: For all your stuffed crust pizza cravings!

 MC DONALD'S: Never fails.

 MAX'S: Chicken all you can, anyone? Even without the promo, their chicken has always been delish.

 KFC: For buckets full of love - and delicious chicken!

 PANCAKE HOUSE: Love their waffles and tacos!

 GOLDILOCKS: An institution in Pinoy merienda, and will always be.

 GREEENWICH: Their pizzas have improved by a mile, kudos to Greenwich! I love their lasagna, as always.


 CHOWKING: I am already missing their braised beef!

 TERIYAKI BOY: Dropping by for some Katsudon! Yum!

 BURGOO: Perfect for dates, family get togethers, and drawing with crayons.

 BREAD TALK: Fresh, fancy and tasty bread baked daily!

 THE OLD SPAGHETTI HOUSE: I am in love with their gourmet tuyo pasta!!

 BURGER KING: Grilled burgers - oh la la. They serve great desserts too! Hehe!

REYES BARBECUE: Peanut sauce and Java rice - definitely the way to go with barbecue!

 GERRY'S GRILL - Haven't tried this branch, but will definitely do so, soon!

Marcos Highway, Marikina City
Munching Budget per person: starts at 50 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. hi blogger! marikina din me, thanks sa mga tips na resto here in marikina. btw, ano camera gamit mo?. thanks!

  2. hi there fellow Marikenyo / Marikenya ! I'm using a Nikon D5000. :)

  3. P.S. but for the pics in this post about SM food finds, I used my Sony digicam. :D

  4. my boyfriend and i almost always have lunch at sm marikina after mass.. we love burgoo :)

  5. hi Jam, we love Burgoo too! :) I also love SM Marikina because it's not as overwhelming as other malls, and quite organized too. (I get dizzy finding shops at MOA, to be honest. hehe)

  6. sm marikina-not too big not too small....its easy to go around.ambiance is cool and clean....
    IS there a SAVORY restaurant in SM CITY MARIKINA?

    1. hi there! I don't think there is a Savory in SM Marikina.. we do have Savory along Bayan Bayanan in Concepcion, and also one in Robinsons MetroEast. Those are the nearest I could think of ;-)


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