Thursday, February 10, 2011


I choose to dine in a restaurant because of the taste of the food, value for your money, and the uniqueness of the place. For me, Pan de Amerikana in Marikina captures all of these aspects.

According to some articles I've come across, this branch is one of the ONLY five (5) chess-themed restaurants in the WORLD (world class indeed!). I also like how the restaurant conducts free art classes for kids! When you enter the restaurant, you can see kids' artworks posted on a board dedicated to show off the chikitings' masterpieces.

I adore the interior of Pan de Amerikina. You can see (and do) a lot of things. First of all, of course, is play chess. After you order and pay at the counter, you can get a set of chess pieces from the shelf right beside the cashier. All tables in Pan de Amerikana have engraved chess boards on them. But nothing beats their giant chess board, haha:

 How to arrive at checkmate? Steal the king!

Like I said, the interior of Pan de Amerikana makes one...curious. I mean, a bridge and a little pond inside the restaurant? The kids love it!

When you go there, tell me if you see these three bakers:

And this windmill (never mind the candid couple):

And the guys' restroom entrance:

So, the place is nice. Of course, the stay wouldn't be as fulfilling if the food were bland. But it's not. The food was very tasty and veeeeeery affordable. Here is what we had:

Steak (Waited long for this one, but truly worth it!)

Pinaputok na Tilapia

  Sinigang na Bangus Belly, Adobo Mushrooms, and Laing

And oh, when you go there, don't forget to do these two things. First, go up the tree house and cross the hanging bridge (1 to 2 persons at a time only!):

And two, take home some of their pan de sal. Their pan de sal has received awards and very good reviews, plus they make them BIIIIG, makes you wonder what happened to other bakeries and they started making them small.

92 Ordonez St.
Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 475-2398
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Hi Roni, how are you? remember me? im tessah's blogger, the murakami diary remember? Its, nice to see you again. anyway, i want to try Pan de amerikana, how can i get there pala?

  2. Ei Roni!! As mentione ko kay Tochits last week.. id love to go there.. kung babalik kayo sabihan nyo ako.. :) thanks. Glad :)

  3. @iluvgreen: Mitch, ikaw ba yan? Hehe :) to go there, from Marikina bridge just go straight ahead, lalagpas ka ng sports center and ng mc do and then ng blue wave. basta straight lang from marikina bridge until you reach KIA motors (you'll see that on your right).

    as soon as you see KIA motors, turn left. that is Katipunan extension road. go straight, and we you reach Pure Gold, turn right. go straight and when you see a windmill, that's Pan de Amerikina :D

  4. @Glad: oo naman, puedeng puede! :) dalhin ka din namin sa Isabelo or sa Cafe Lidia :)

  5. Thanks for this post. This has inspired us to do our prenup photoshoot at Pan de Amerikana. The place (and the food) is great! <3 You may check po our prenup pics here: :)

    1. wow! such beautiful photos!! are we allowed to share this on the All Over Marikina page? :-)


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