Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Now if you don't believe in overnight success, this homebaker will prove you otherwise! Khriz got in touch with me through the All Over Marikina Facebook page, and asked me to sample her products. One bite, and I was swept away!

Guess what, a few days later, she was booked for a morning show and has not stopped baking bulk orders since then! What an inspiration KHRIZ CRINKLES is!

"My name is Khrizel Molina and our brand name is Khriz Crinkles. I started baking only last July 2014. I retired from my work last May 2014 to give time for my child. I worked at Cathay Pacific Airways as Sales Executive for more than a decade.

"Since I have new priorities, so I needed to retire for my family. Our family loves to cook. We normally cook for our friends and family. One day I tried baking my favprite crinkles and it was a success! Then I studied several recipes for chocolate and red velvet until I perfected it. I tried selling it to my friends and family, and received good feedback."

"Unang Hirit featured us last September 2014. This really helped us specially with our target market, the Marique├▒os. Before, I used to sell 30 tubs a week, now I am selling 100 plus tubs a week! Thanks Unang Hirit! Flavors available are plain Khriz Crinkles, Creamed Khriz Crinkles, Cookies and Cream, Khrofee (mocha flavored crinkles), and Nutee (Peanut Butter creamed crinkles)."

"Future plans? We have been receiving a lot of requests to put up shops in QC And Marikina area. Hopefully we can at least have one. We will be releasing several flavors soon like our Hazelnut Khriz Crinkles, Rock Salt and Cheese and Choco and Mint!"

Tel. No.: 09174585429
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 120 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. I would love to try the Rock Salt and Cheese!!! :) Abangers ako dyan. :P

  2. Hi. I am wondering if you can help me identify and map out restaurants in Marikina that are located in old houses? I have sent you an email and would really appreciate any information that can help me with my study. Thank you!


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