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When a Mediterranean or Persian resto opens in the city, I just have to be there! So, months ago, during one of my frequent food trips to Lilac, we passed by Kebab Brothers on Rainbow Street. Beside Kebab Brother is Bun of Brothers, both restos immediately reminding me of Burrito Brothers, but let me discuss the wonder of this trio of restaurants in another post.



Of course, I immediately included Kebab Brothers in my weekend binge, and when we got there, it was difficult to finalize our order (yes, I wanted to order everything), and the kitchen smelled so good from the grill I was always distracted.

 Wala. Mapuputla talaga.

Here is what we ordered:

When there's Hummus on the menu, I order it. And theirs is really good, and affordable too! (55 PhP)

 Nom nom nom. Extra Pita bread please!

The Beef Kebab (160 PhP) was really juicy and flavorful, the tomato grilled just right, and the garlic yoghurt sauce (which is unlimited, by the way!) was so delicious. I added 20 PhP to upgrade my rice to basmati rice. :-)  I am not commenting on the cucumber because I hate cucumbers. Haha!

Sister got the Chicken Kebab (160 PhP) and she really liked it! I liked it too --- I had to have a taste of course.

The Kofta (crunchy meatballs) (190 PhP) swam in tomato sauce and a little surprise awaits...

Ta-dah! Creamy, cheesy goodness inside every crunchy meatball. So yummy!

What made the dining experience even more fun, is excellent customer service.

 Ate at the counter was very accommodating and entertaining, even if I had to ask a thousand questions about the dishes.

Ate at the service area was also entertaining and she was actually the one who informed us of the promo, details of which you will read below! Yey!

This post ends in even better news! Kebab Brothers, to celebrate their first anniversary, will be taking 50% on all KEBAB and SHAWARMA orders on February 23, 2014, Sunday. Bring your family, friends, loved ones... even me! :-D

Kebab Brothers is a good place to be, for the hungry mob like me and Sis! Bun of Brothers, you're next!

105 Firenza Building, Azure Street Corner Rainbow Street
Bonita Homes, Brgy. Concepcion 2, Marikina City
Tel. No.:(02) 386-1432
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 60 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Oh wow! I never knew there are lots of dining places to visit in MArikina. We were are Lucban hats last week and looked for a good place to eat, well we didn't make it to Rustic Morning's cut off of walk in visitors. Will save your blog link for future reference.

    1. thanks Joy! hope you share about your dining experience in Marikina. Thanks!

    2. Hi Roni! My friends and I are having a Marina food tour. But a meal per resto is too much for our tummy (and budget).

    3. What restos do u suggest? :)

    4. You may try the heritage food tour which is Macky's Goto, then Mang Frederic's Barbecue, followed by Mama Chit's, then Aling Remy's Puto for Pasalubong. You'll be spending about 250 per head (you will be sharing burgers at Mama Chit's) ;-) thanks so much and hope you share how it goes! ;-) enjoy!

    5. Can you give me tips on how to go at that place? I'm from qc. Ty 😊


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