Friday, July 20, 2012

More Reasons to Love CAFE VIA ANGELO

I love cafes that are open on Sundays, especially in a small city like Marikina. Last weekend when we had some hunger pangs late Sunday night, we drove along JP Rizal looking for open food places and we were all smiles when we saw that Cafe Via Angelo is still open!

The coolest thing I remember about this restaurant (aside from its coziness) is the warm service provided by the staff, they're so nice and very accommodating. I remember them running out of iced tea stock but since I ordered it one of the crew had to run off to the nearest convenience store to get a pack. Aww! I know it's their responsibility to stock up, some of you might think, but still!!! Some foodie places would have easily said 'not available'. ;-)

See how late it was? No people. Almost closing time. Hihi!

We dismissed the idea of ordering pizza since we have previously tried their pizza (which was really good and loaded with toppings). I have always been curious about their sandwiches and at the same time craved pasta, so yes, we ended up ordering those.

While waiting for our orders, I ask for a slice of chocolate cake. Hehe, dessert before the meal. Not sure if that's a very good practice.

*Wink*. Whatever floats my boat.

Halfway through the fudgy cake, our orders arrive:

 Fish and Chips (145 PhP)

 Pesto Mare Pasta (145 PhP)

Tuna Sandwich (90 PhP)

So: thank you Cafe Via Angelo for remaining open even on Sunday night! Burp.

333 Christ the King Bldg., J.P. Rizal St., Sta. Elena, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: 09198191833
Open 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
For commuters, take the Calumpang jeep and get off right in front of the cafe. It is right across Macky's Goto, and a few meters from Our Lady of the Abandoned Church. :)
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. thanks so much Mich! ;-) more power to your blog! ;-)

  2. Heya Roni dearest! I am drawn once again to your amazing blog to look for new places to dine in Marikina. I just recently moved in Eastwood and Marikina is closer to me now. My house mate and I have this self declared date night every wednesday and I visited your blog to check which one in Marikina should we visit. Well I hope you can join me one time. Take care sweety! More power to your blog!

  3. Jessica dear! So nice to hear from you! Do let me know about your foodie adventures. I really, really hope I can join you one time (or even two!). Thanks so much dear! Have a blessed week ahead!

  4. The first time I ate at Cafe Via Angelo, I was pleased at the food and service despite the fact that the owner did too much of a "hard sell" on their bestsellers. The food we ordered - beef salpicao, pepperoni pizza and lasagna - tasted great (though the beef could have been more tender). However, I ate there again last Sunday and was quite dismayed.

    I ordered their "alfredo fetuccine" for my son as it is his favorite, yet a pasta with spaghetti noodles was served. I complained but I was told by the waiter that "yan po talaga ang alfredo kasi yung carbonara po bacon and laman". I was aghast at this explanation but I figured arguing with the waiter will be useless. I just told him na "noodles pa lang mali na, spaghetti noodles 'to hindi fetuccine". He was obviously clueless to the difference between the two. Anyway, my son finished his pasta.

    The first time I dined there, we were offered free coffee. The owner said pa that their coffee was really free when you order. But last Sunday, the waiter almost laughed at me when I asked for their "free coffee". I felt like a fool. I hid my annoyance nalang.

    And then when we were done, I asked for the bill which was handed to me in an order slip. When I gave my payment, I asked the waiter for an official receipt. He came back and handed me the same order slip with "payment received" stamped on it, not an OR.

    I know it may be trivial, but I was so pissed at these incidents that I don't think I'll come back to that place. The two times that I came by, there were no other diners. I wonder why. Sayang, Cafe Via Angelo has a lot of promise pa naman.

    I just thought I'd share this. You always have good things to say about the places that you blog about kasi. It's nice, but sometimes, you have to be critical too. Thanks

    1. we really appreciate your comment it help us improve our staff and much more if you could name your blogger. giving complementary drinks is owners prerogative while in house promo should always be posted as such

  5. hi Anonymous, yikes! sorry to read about your experience. hope this reaches the cafe and they act upon it. :-)

    thanks for your feedback but I can't write critics, and I personally opt not to. This is mainly a photojournal and not a food review blog. I don't think I am that well-rounded yet when it comes to food and still, in the end, it's everybody's opinion. I just love eating and taking photos and sharing them on this page. So sorry :-(

    Thanks again and God bless! :-)


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