Thursday, April 26, 2012


Since I am feeling really great about my blog and its most avid readers, I decided to declare everyone who entered the contest as winners! Yes, you read that right. EVERYONE. :)

I imagined it would be tedious to have loyal readers enter contests again and again, so I thought about taking all of the contestants on separate food trips with me, spreading the adventure schedules all throughout the year (up to next year!)

So, a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined, and CONGRATULATIONS! Here are your prizes:

Alvin Jay Antonio (Dine with me at Good Thymes, Alvin!) - APRIL 28 FOOD TRIP

For the next Marikina food adventures, the winners are:

Fritz Rinaldi de Asis Bernardo, M.D. (Dine with me at Isabelo, Fritz!)
Michael Pineda (Dine with me at Patio Vera, Michael!)
Mary Manas (Dine with me at Pan De Amerikana, Mary!)
Michelle Melo (Dine with me at Firuz, Michelle!)
Demi Barbra Angeles (Dine with me at Daddy Bertz, Demi!)
Bea M. Aparato (Dine with me at Cafe Via Angelo, Bea!)
Niña S. Cañares (Dine with me at Burrito Brothers, Niña!)
Kars Pangan Sarmiento (Dine with me at Lilac Street, Kars!)
Gemma M. Inquito (Dine with me at Luyong, Gemma!)
Armida (amy) Abrenica (Dine with me at Crazy Katsu, Amy!)
Lizzy Quiambao (You have won a kakanin package to be delivered by yours truly!)
La-la-i-ne (You have won a kakanin package to be delivered by yours truly!)

All schedules and logistics of the food trips will be coordinated with the winners privately (Winners: please expect an e-mail from me by Friday. Also, add to your contacts so my e-mail doesn't end up as spam...hehe). Are you excited to see them on photos and posts here?! I'm sure I am!!! Continue supporting the Marikina Food Trip Blog!

Marikina, aking hirang,



  1. Wow! I finally won something! hahaha! :) Thanks Roni! :)

  2. Congratulations Michy!!! :) See you soon!

  3. yehey, I won, I won!!! Thank you Roni for this promo.. kaso can we re schedule it some time this year.. di ako pinayagan with my VL e.. ayoko naman magsabi ng date then after hindi matuloy.. i PM yun once na sure na sure na.. sana lang available ka on that specific month/dates.. Again, thank you so much for all you've done and Congratulations sa aming lahat na winners.. God bless Roni.. :)

  4. congratulations dear! no worries, just PM me when you're about to go home sweet home so I can schedule our food trip!! :)

  5. Yey I won too (super late reaction haha :P)

    Thanks Roni for that wonderful and enjoyful treat yesterday. I really enjoyed our conversations, and the food... ummm... keri lang (hahaha just kidding) :P

    Looking forward to publishing our adventure and seeing my "macho-inspired" drink. Hahahaha! :p

    Smile always!!!

  6. you're right, super macho ng drink na yon Alvin. daig pa ang beer at kung anong hard drinks. =)) the food is just okay...okay ubusin! haha, simot ang mga plates.
    thanks as well! tell your friends to watch out for your modelling debut on All Over Marikina! :-p ciao!

  7. Hi Ate Roni! Ngayon ko lang nalaman na nakasama din ako sa winners! Thank you in advance :D Nakita kita sa Freshaire kanina, kaso nahiya ako mag-approach. hehe. Anyway, Hope to see you soon po! :D God bless.

  8. Hi Niña!! Naku dapat nilapitan mo ako... nagpapa-pedicure lang naman ako nun. hehehe ;-)
    Dine with you soon! :-) ciao!

  9. Yey! I just knew that I won :D (I was doing something and this came out on the search results) Thank you :D

  10. congratulations Demi, see you soon! :-)

  11. is the contest really closed? :( i'd really love to go on a food trip with you as you seem to have a really great sense of direction towards great food. haha

    p.s. i adore mama chit's as well, thanks to their to-die-for cupcakes: red velvet and poppy seed! try 'em some time. :D

  12. hi Pink! thanks for your message :-) please keep visiting, i might come up with a new gimmick soon! ;-) I will check out Mama Chit's cupcakes...since I make cupcakes myself, I am now curious about their cupcakes! thanks for the tip! ;-) ciao!

  13. Yes I won too..ahahaha...Thanks Ms. Roni, can't wait for my prize. Love this blog so much...Thanks again Ms. Roni!

  14. congratulations Lizzy! When convenient, please email me your contact details at so we can coordinate regarding the delivery of your prize ;-) thanks! see you!


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