Saturday, January 23, 2016


Driving around at 10pm, I was originally planning to go to Lilac or Rainbow street. Coming from my sister's house I passed through Katipunan extension and saw Steak-Off Grill. The place is packed whenever I pass by the area, so I was quite eager to try the food.

Upon seeing the menu, it wasn't hard for me to choose: Porterhouse it is. Hehe. I opted to add a side of corn and a soda. Order cones with rice and gravy. 

The meat tasted so good you do not need gravy. Of course, the gravy tastes great with the meat, too.

For a total of 229 for my order (good to share, but my belief is that steaks are not meant for sharing) lol

The place operates from 11am to 11pm ;) Here's a photo of the menu for your reference:

Another great meat place in Marikina you can visit with the gang ❤️ Have you tried Steak-Off Grill? Share your experiences below ;)

Marikina, aking hirang.


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