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De gustibus non disputandum est (Tastes are not debatable). One of my favorite Latin maxims. Different strokes for different folks. That was probably the one that really stuck to my head from the three units of Latin I took up waaaay back in college. Come to think of it, it was a cool language elective.

Why did I mention taste? Sort of a disclaimer, probably. Or something to convince you with. You know when you buy a music album for example, and then you listen to the songs and start to identify which tracks are good and which tracks seem to be fillers? It's just like restaurant menus. There may be hits, there may be misses.

But not for this one. I am talking about FIRUZ, the newest Mediterranean foodie spot to grace city of Marikina. Once you try their food, I am 99% sure you'll agree with me: they serve good stuff. There may be the 1% who wouldn't agree, but like I said, tastes are tastes. Just like good wine, what is excellent for some, may be vinegar for others.

Okay, so maybe I am generalizing a bit. After all, I haven't tried everything on their menu. But, all the dishes that we ordered that night were really, really, really good. I even made a teaser about this post on All Over Marikina's Facebook page. Take this: Four dishes ordered. And all four were delicious. I won't be surprised if Firuz would need more seating space in the near future! (My estimate is that they can currently sit 30 people.)

According to their flyer, Firuz offers its diners a "different kind of gastronomical experience right in the heart of Marikina city..." And what a gastronomical experience it was! I would definitely come back for more!

Now, time to share with you what we stuffed ourselves with at Firuz:

 Hummus and Pita Bread

Wow, these guys really know their hummus: the hummus (60 PhP) looks, smells and tastes so good! Not to mention you get a LOT for only 60 pesos. The basil paste added flavor and texture to the hummus. Bravo Firuz!

I love hummus (I always order it whenever the restaurant I'm at offers it on their menu) so I smother the pita bread with hummus and an olive. So yummy!!!

Took a picture of these lamps while waiting for our other dishes. Lovely lamps, eh?

We also ordered the Moroccan Lamb Pizza (120 PhP). The lamb meat was so fragrant and tender. The pizza base was crispy and fresh. The veggies added a nice crunch to the pizza. This dish is good as it is, but do you know what makes it perfect? The yoghurt relish with rosemary.

You should try this pizza when you visit Firuz! Let me know what you think about it, okay? :)

Of course, no Mediterranean food adventure would be complete without trying their kebab. The beef kebab was juicy and flavorful, and the buttered rice tasted great with the kebab! I think I will request grilled tomatoes next time. That would be kebab heaven for me.

A chunk of beef kebab on buttered rice with yoghurt sauce and some chili sauce. Yum yum yum!

Little Sis ordered Shawarma Rice (85 PhP). This dish is served with a green salad but since Little Sis is not really a fan of vegetables, we miss out on the green part of this picture. Hehe! (Side story: we took half of this dish home because Little Sis couldn't finish it. When we reheated the whole thing, the beef was still very tender and full of flavor. Winner!)

Uber super yummy Mango Yoghurt Shake (120 PhP)

Our favorite toothpick dispenser. The toothpick pops out! Surprise! Haha! (Children, be careful with this.)

Will I be coming back to Firuz? Of course!!! Was that even a valid question? :) I am now wondering how their Feta-stuffed burger tastes like. And their gyros too. Oh la la.

Check out Firuz Mediterranean Cuisine and experience the same gastronomical adventure they offered us that night. Enjoy! I would be really happy to hear about your experience. (To one of AOM's readers, BENEDICT, thank you for suggesting Firuz on the Facebook page! I owe you one.)

382-B J.P. Rizal Street, Sto. Nino, Marikina City
(Walking distance from 7-11 / Pizza Smile right after the Marikina bridge)
Tel. No.:09272642123 / 09321853154
Operating hours: 5:00 PM - 12 Midnight (You can also text them if they are open at an earlier time)
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 60 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. sobrang lapit lang!!! i'm from sto nino too, will try this

  2. Looks delicious and affordable pa! :)
    BTW, we'll be having a Marikina food trip soon. :) We'll keep you posted when. Hope you're available by that time. :)

  3. @Anonymous: thanks, would be great if you give us your dining experience feedback :D enjoy!! (I'm sure you will)

  4. @michymichymoo: Yey! I would love to join the PEX food trippers soon! :) By the way, Best Food Forward is happening this weekend (I'll be there as a cupcake concessionaire, haha) entrance is 50 pesos, sakto for another food adventure for you guys. There are so many food purveyors you can check out.

    Thanks for dropping by Mich! :) See you guys!

  5. Hi Roni,

    Please come and visit tea shop "TEASOME PLACE" beside Firuz.. Hope to meet you there... thanks!!!

  6. wow, just right beside Firuz. Okay I'll try to check it out soon! I love tea, be it milk teas or infusions. thanks!

  7. Firuz Mediterranean CuisineMarch 22, 2012 at 11:32 PM

    Thank you for the very encouraging words! We shared ur link in our page and your blog has made many very interested in our food. We hope to see you again! More power to ur blogspot!

  8. Hello there Firuz! My pleasure. People deserve to know about your resto because you serve really good food. I will definitely be back for the feta-stuffed burger and the gyros. :) oh, and the hummus, of course! cheers!

  9. Hey! these are mouth-watering! would love to try these when i visit the Philippines :)

  10. hi Charley! you should try Firuz! they serve really good stuff. :)

  11. woooooooow!!! time to visit Marikina again! :D

  12. hi Smarla! I'm sure you'll love the place and the food! :)

    Not to mention there's a newly-opened tea place beside it, too! :) thanks and enjoy your next Marikina food trip!

  13. we always dine at FIRUZ after jogging. grabe! almost every week ata parang routine na. the best ang homemade peach yogurt shake nila and greek style burger.

    btw, thanks to your site... can't wait to visit other interesting resto/places in marikina.

  14. hi claire! wow... those are two dishes i still haven't tried. i will make sure i do next time i drop by Firuz! i'm a BIG fan of their hummus!! and now, i'm even more excited to try their greek style burger thanks to your feedback.

    thanks for dropping by claire! :)

  15. Do they accept credit card/s?

  16. hi Kiko! for now, they only accept cash payments. ;-)

  17. agree... super sarap nga.. lage namin to nakikita and finally gave it a try.. and deym was really superb... sarap.. definitely will come back and try the grilled lamb chop...

    1. thanks chic! I also want to try their lamb chops, and of course, the signature burger. let me know how your next visit goes! thanks and cheers!

    2. sure i will. :) Happy Holidays...

  18. Hello there! Open pa ba ngayon ang Firuz? :)


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