Welcome to the Marikina Food Trip blog!

As mentioned in the first post of this blog, I have lived all my life in Marikina, and through the years I have seen the city develop and its citizens acquire that distinct Marikina pride. I want to create a blog that will serve both as a reference and as an eye candy (yes, I'm into photography) for those of you who are interested in local food places in our small but lovely city.

I admit that I am no food expert - except that I love to eat. :D

I have experienced a lot of cultures and been to a lot of places - yes - but when it comes to the highly technical aspect of food, let's leave that to the real critics. I'd like to refer to the posts as food features more than critiques. And no - I am not a self-proclaimed writer, but the love of photography rules my heart, thus the undying passion to share all food adventures here in Marikina through photos.

Thank you for all your support so far. The happiness that your e-mails, messages and comments give is priceless. I do hope you continue to visit and share this blog, and enjoy your food trips in Marikina!

(FAQ to be added here soon.)

Marikina, aking hirang.

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