Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hi dearest Marikina Food Trippers! It's been a while since I last posted, I am really sorry about that! I was quite busy in putting up my own cupcakery in the South (we have too many already in the Metro, hehe!), but I remain in love with Marikina (and a resident of it of course), and I shall continue to write about all the great food that Marikina has to offer. Shuttling from Marikina to the South and back has been and continues to be a challenge, but I knew from the start it wouldn't be easy!

Sis and I discovered an awesome burger place near the Marikina City Hall! The place is PAPA ROCK'S BIG BURGERS AND GRILLERY. As soon as I received an invite to try out the place from Papa Rocky de Jesus himself, we packed a big appetite and headed off to Papa Rock's on an early Sunday morning.

You wont' miss it as it is located along Sparrow street, a walking distance from the Marikina City Hall. You will see this sign below, and you know that you have arrived at another awesome burger joint in Marikina.

We immediately surveyed the menu, and Papa Rocky was there personally to take our orders and chat with us as we waited for our dishes to arrive. I've said this many times, I really appreciate it when owners take time to talk to their customers and ask about the food served and their overall dining experience. Papa Rocky talked about the burger preparation, the concept behind their food, and we covered more topics about Marikina.

Then our orders arrived:

I have posted about this on the FB page, and this is by far my favorite rendition of Carbonara (60 PhP). Not too saucy, just the right amount of cream, cheese, BACON, the pasta cooked to a perfect al dente. I told Papa Rock that they definitely nailed this one. If I want Carbonara, I have Papa Rock's on top of my list.

Then comes the star of the set: THE JAWBUSTER (150 PhP). The buns tasted really fresh, the patties were cooked perfectly, the proportions of the cheese, dressing and veggies were spot on. This is definitely a burger you have to experience! I think a lot of those who already tried it will agree. :-)

We also sampled the breakfast menu, of which we chose the Heavy Breakfast (60 PhP). Yes you read it right: 60 PESOS ONLY! You have two waffles, three cocktail hotdogs and an egg, which you can have sunny side up or scrambled. I love how they cooked the waffle too! This is another item on the menu you shouldn't miss, especially if you want to have your tummy filled at an affordable price.

The shakes are good, too. We ordered the Strawberry Shake (40 PhP) and the Choco-Banana Blend (60 PhP). These went really well with the burger. It takes you to a "diner" feel. A good burger + a good milkshake ;-)

Conquered the JawBuster! Success!

 I wouldn't miss a photo op with Papa Rocky!

Papa Rock's can accommodate around 20 to 30 people (or more?) since they have extended the dining area beyond the counter. I look forward to visiting them again, and I highly recommend this place for SUPER good food, at SUPER affordable prices. Hope you visit them soon!

23 Sparrow Street,
New Marikina Subdivision, Sta. Elena,
Marikina City
Tel. No.: (0927) 879 - 2924
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 30 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.
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