Thursday, September 5, 2013


This post is just a quick reminder to all food biz owners out there.

Just recently, my hubby and I went to this food place in the city, excited to discover what they have in store for Marikenyos. There was one attendant at that time, she was behind the counter. We came in, and, well, she didn't greet us. We were the only customers, and it was lunch time. I dismissed her act of ignoring us, so we settled our things on a table and went back to the counter to order.

At the counter, she still didn't greet us. Not a single word from her. Nothing. Nada. She didn't even ask what we wanted to order, nor make any suggestions of what their best products are for us to try. And most importantly, she wore this irritating grumpy look on her face, and never smiled a bit. Sorry miss, but in my opinion, if you're having a bad day, please do not let your employer's business suffer. And don't worry, I will not mention the business name here, but I will definitely tell your boss about it. I remember your shift date and time, lagot ka! :-p Really, I think I will be doing your employer a favor. And oh, I have a picture of you, too. Baka ibang kasama mo pa mapagbintangan.

So what's with the title of this post? With that food place, the grub was really good. No doubt about it. The place was clean. The concept is very promising. However, the customer service - sorry for the term - sucks.

You know, it's been said a million times, but customers of restaurants and food places do not just go back for the good food. They come back for the dining experience. You can have your restaurant serve really good food but poorly-trained staff will have your business weeded out in no time. So there: every restaurant owner should maintain GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE for their business to thrive. This has worked for centuries.

DISCLAIMER: Just because this experience is a recent one, does not mean that subsequent posts will give away the name of the restaurant. Uhm, puedeng oo, puedeng hindi. ;-)

On a lighter note: More foodie places coming your way ;-) Thanks for reading through my rant.

Marikina, aking hirang.

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