Tuesday, November 23, 2010


You wouldn't miss this Italian cafeteria because it is just beside (or behind?) SDS Medical center in Marikina. Complete address is indicated at the end of this post. :)

If you are looking for another quick Italian fix, you can always go to Qizia (read as "keesha") Cafe. Word of advice though, this is definitely NOT the place for authentic Italian food. The cuisine is Italian, the taste is for the Filipino palate. But still, we're talking about value for your money, which Qizia offers its clients. The food tastes good for the price on the bill. :)

That's my bag, hehehe! Don't expect too much on service. Like I mentioned, this is a cafeteria, not a restaurant. When you arrive, you can go straight to the counter and order. You can still ask assistance from the waiters, of course. Glasses of water, baby chairs, paper bags for leftovers, etc.

So what did we order?!


We ordered the Qizia Special Pizza. It's much like the Manager's Choice of Shakey's. I love the thin crust of their pizza here. :)


Why order only one pizza when you can order two, right? I like how the seafood pizza tasted, it's a bit spicy and the flavor of the shrimp stood out.


I sip on this from time to time to recover from the spicy and fishy tastes. I loved the froth, hehe!


The pasta was cooked al dente, which is always what I prefer. The dish has this curry-taste to it, I like it. Quite unique. :)

For all of these, we only paid a little less than 500 pesos. Okay let's round it up to 500, haha! You see?! You can even have your date here. 500 pesos: I was highlighting the value for your money + taste earlier, right? (We weren't able to try their pastries though, and I heard they serve really good coffee!)

SDS Medical Center Compound, Katipunan Ext. cor Pio del Pilar St. Concepcion II
Marikina City, Metro Manila
(02) 489-0760
Munching Budget per person: starts at 100 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.


Friday, November 19, 2010


Goto has never been this good.
("Goto" is the Filipino term for rice porridge) - Update: according to a reader, GOTO is actually the term for "twalya" (or tripe, in English). I never knew that! :-D Funny, how lots of goto chains sell goto even without the tripe itself as an ingredient. I guess "goto" has been culturally accepted as a term for rice porridge similar to "lugaw". Well, I GUESS. :-)

Everytime I crave for goto there is only one eatery in my mind: Macky's goto. I think the secret for this family business' success is that they never compromise the ingredients of their goto despite inflation (hehe!). In your 23-peso goto, you will find a rich flavor of rice, beef, and pig's blood. So yummy:

What else can perfectly pair goto but a plate of tokwa't baboy (28 PhP)? This one's a real winner for Macky's: the sauce is different from your regular tokwa't baboy, and the pork meat is deep fried and very crispy. It should be called tokwa't lechon kawali or something:

They also serve palabok (25 PhP). :) The uncomfortably orange color of the sauce might freak you out but oh yeah it tastes so good you'll finish your plate...after having a bowl of goto that is!

I love the interior of Macky's too. Nothing fancy, just a place where one can comfortably eat his goto. :)

It's quite easy to get to Macky's. When you arrive at the Marikina River bridge from the Cubao direction, turn right on JP Rizal (when you see from the bridge 7-11 it means you have to turn right). Go straight and keep your eye to the left and you'll see Macky's. It is just near the church of Our Lady of the Abandoned. In case you miss Macky's and have reached the church, just park there and ask where Macky's is. It's about 20 meters from the church. If you're taking the jeepney, ride the Calumpang route and ask the driver to let you off Macky's.

J.P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City
Just a few meters before Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, across BPI Family Savings Bank
(Take the Calumpang Jeepneys)
Munching Budget per person: starts at 20 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.

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