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They say that time does not wait. Well, tell that to a mother! And to a first time mom at that!
One minute Rence is this itty bitty bundle of cries, pees, poops and snooze.

Now, at eight months, he crawls a lot, sits and plays with his toys, pulls up to stand as soon as he grabs anything for support, and at night, he seems to have this urgent checklist of positions to sleep in… and must complete them before dawn! (I sleep in about a fourth of the bed, he enjoys the rest.)  Rence has also perfected his sleep schedule, and sleeps longer hours now. From waking up every two to three hours, he now sleeps at least six hours straight! Goodbye, puyat! It does get better, they say.

Or does it?

The other week, much to my horror, Rence’s diaper leaked. Was that supposed to happen as baby sleeps longer through the night? I dismissed the idea and thought maybe it was indeed my fault and I should have changed his diaper at one point. Much to my dismay, it happened again. As Rence was trying to stand up in his playpen we saw pee run down his legs. I wouldn’t let a third time come around so I decided to switch to another brand. Baby always needs Tender Love and Care (TLC) from mommy!

So off to the grocery I went to pick up a new set of diapers. At the baby section, there were the usual players. However, I wanted to try something different, something new. Something that would work best for my baby, and at the same time work for my budget (I know, I know.) I spotted “Heaven Baby Diapers” on the shelves and thought “Why not?” It’s cheaper compared to other brands, and the quality? That’s for me and baby to discover.

After all… I have been hearing their jingle on the radio almost every day. Baby giggles every time I sing it to him! Could that be an affirmation of this brand switch? :-)

My feedback? Baby has been wearing “Heaven Baby Diapers” for almost a week now, and we have experienced zero leaks so far. “Heaven” has a Total Leak Control (TLC) System, which assures me of no leaks and no rashes! Rence can play all he wants, and sleep all he wants!

From baby’s smiles and giggles, you can feel all the comfort that he now experiences with Heaven’s breathable soft cottony cover. It also has an adjustable magic tape so the diaper is secure but remains a comfortable fit.

I am very happy with my decision to switch to “Heaven Baby Diapers”.  Not only does it offer high quality diapers for baby’s needs, but also helps moms, especially first time moms like me, with their budget! Rence is wearing large size now. With the previous brand, we spend about 11 pesos per diaper. “Heaven Baby Diapers” gives you quality comfort and protection for baby at only 7.75 pesos per piece!!** 

Thank you “Heaven Baby Diapers” for giving moms and babies some real TLC! Rence and I can snuggle through the night and play all day without worries about leaks or rashes. Like the jingle says… “Walang kapa-kapa, walang kaba-kaba!”

*”Heaven Baby Diapers” is available in selected Waltermart branches.
**Large size


  1. Hi miss roni. i followed you before pa nung nagcricrave ako sa food. pero nakita ko ito. why dont you try to use Cloth Diaper? its a reusable diaper. environment friendly and less cost pa. hehehe

    1. hi Joriz! :-) medyo challenge ang paglalaba kasi for me. but definitely by my baby's 1-year old mark I'll have those options. thanks so much! really appreciate it. :-)

  2. What Waltermart branch were you able to buy this diaper?


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