Thursday, October 3, 2013


One of my favorite films is Pulp Fiction. And one of my favorite scenes is when Uma Thurman orders the five-dollar milkshake :-D I love milkshake, it's a trusted comfort food specially on down days. You don't need to chew much. You just sip and sip as you wallow in your stress or sadness. Hehe!

Beside Mogu Tree Noodle House, we spotted Udderly Delicious. I heard that they are under the same management. Not minding the damage hot noodles-then-cold-shakes would do to our mandibles, we hopped over to Udderly Delicious after having our noodles.

 Posing with the menu! I was actually trying to grab a jar of Skippy but it was too big to hide.

 They have shakes, desserts, and other snacks too.

How to create your milkshake: Choose your base - mine was premium ice cream. Then, choose your base flavor. I chose Pistachio. Yum!

Then, choose your toppings. Toppings are 20 PhP each, but you can get three toppings for 45 PhP. Might as well take advantage of the deal... which I didn't. Ha! I chose... Pistachio! Yes. My shake was Pistachio on Pistachio. :-) And if you examine it closely... You can also add in liquor!

 While waiting for our orders, we were entertained by the cow-ish wall. :-)

 Still tempted... Look how I didn't crop out Nutella! Also my favorite.

 Our orders: Pistachio Pistachio, and Vanilla with Reese and Nestle Crunch. Yum!

 There's a couch where you and your family or friends can enjoy your shakes together

We had a side order of cheese flavored fries

The place is really neat, where you can just chat with friends or hang out with your family. If you're looking for an alternative to the usual coffee shops, why not have milk shakes at Udderly Delicious? :-)

60-D Lilac Street (Beside ChinaBank)
Hacienda Heights, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 738-6833
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at 80 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Replies
    1. Dami mo na ivi-visit Mich! Pero abang tayo sa Kanto Freestyle ha! ;-)
      Thanks for visiting :-)

  2. Hi Roni!

    how to go to Lilac street from SM Marikina? Please.. :( Or from Crossing Santolan.Gusto ko na magfoodtrip within that area! :)) Thank youuuu! I love your blog!

    1. Hello there! :-) I am sure there are a LOT of ways to go there, pero this is what I know:

      From Santolan LRT, you can take San Mateo or Montalban FX or jeepneys, then get off at Concepcion. Landmarks are McDonalds Concepcion, or the church. Then transfer to an SSS-bound jeepney and ask manong to let you off Lilac. That's the last street before he turns left to Panorama, last leg of the jeep route. (So pag nakaabot ka na ng Panorama... pahatid ka na lang sa mga maroon trikes back to Lilac, hihi)

      I am not sure if SSS jeepneys or FXs pass by the Santolan LRT Station (been using private transpo most of the time), but, if you're lucky, then from the station just take the SSS jeep or taxi and ask manong to let you off Lilac street. :-) You'll know nasa Lilac ka na kasi you'll see Bennt Building, then Burrito Brothers, Daddy Bertz Cafe... to see other foodie places, just go the opposite direction. You might also want to visit Rainbow Street, dami din dun! :-) Hope this helps you ;-) Let me know if you have other questions. enjoy!!!

  3. saw Udderly couple of times pero di ko gusto pero since na blog mo we tried going in and goodness heavens! we'll be back next week!

    my cousins and their bf/gf were also followers of this FUNtastic blog.

    high five Ron
    keep on exploring

    1. YEY!! thanks so much for the feedback. hope to hear more from you and your Marikina foodie adventures. thanks, Chris! :-)

  4. H!.Super thankful ako dito sa blog mo kasi ang dami kong nadidiscover sa Marikina. :D every month isa-isa namin pinupuntahan ng bf ko yung mga spots na naka-feature dito sa blog mo. Dun kami nagcecelebrate ng special day namin. Haha! Actually, nung hindi ko pa nababasa tong blog mo, super problemado ako kung saan kami pupunta para kumain and then nahanap ko to. I'm from Cubao pa and my bf lives in Marikina, near Lilac. Buti na lang talaga karamihan ng napuntahan mo eh nasa Lilac, so mas madali namin napupuntahan. Walking distance lang :) Thank you Roni and keep exploring :D

    1. such a heartwarming message! thank you so, so, so much! i hope you enjoy your other future food trips and i would love to see your comments again on the blog/FB page. thanks so much!! cheers!


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