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We need more and more art spaces these days. In all my travels, I make sure that I drop by at least one local museum to to experience the history, culture and art of that place (I suddenly miss Baguio, for example). During my UP-days, I also loved watching plays. I am in love with the performing arts. I was never a part of any, but to be an audience of such is a spiritual type of experience, don't you agree? ;-)

Last week, I was very thrilled to receive an invite from Eloise (General Eloise!) to attend Dito: Bahay ng Sining's preview night. I immediately replied yes! The name of the place alone made me excited and curious. The best part is, the Shaharazade Theater Company opened its first play that night: "God of the Machine". The play garnered first prize in the Full Length Play category at the prestigious Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards back in 2010, which supported the writer in receiving the Ateneo de Manila Loyola Schools Award for the Arts that same year. The writer? A Marikenyo, of course! Jay Crisostomo IV is also a native of Marikina, and he has recently won another Carlos Palanca Award for his play "End of Gallows".

Fan girl moment with writer Jay Crisostomo IV

Let me give you a quick tour of Dito:

 This art work by Claudine Delfin greets you as you go up to Dito (yes, Dito's located at the 2nd floor of the building)

 Cozy chairs


 Wow again.

 Wow again and again. Even the couches have art all over them!

The stage

After a brief introduction by the writer himself, the play begins.

 "My name is Gomorrah."

 GOMORRAH: "Beauty... is beautiful because it refuses even its own maker; it refuses to be understood, remaining ambiguous, mysterious--- capricious as a woman in a red dress."

GABRIEL: "You, the writer, are having problems with your characters."

 Arvin Trinidad as Gabriel, Meyanne Plamenio as Gomorrah

 AJ Constantino as the Writer, Nikki Isaac as Waitress (really funny character!)

 Tonibelle Chan as Flower Girl / Lily

 Neil Tolentino as the Pimp

Lily and Gabriel meets the Writer while waiting for Gomorrah

 From left to right: Carlos Palanca Awardee Jay Crisostomo IV, Tonibelle Chan, Meyanne Plamenio and Nikki Isaac

 From left to right: Neil Tolentino, Arvin Trinidad, and AJ Constantino

What can I say? BRAVI!!! Read the full play here.

After the play, dinner was served. The dish was a sample of the menu prepared by Chef Robert Rabuco.

Nom nom nom 

With my super buddy: my sister! hahaha

I see myself spending a lot of my free time here... If I am not having a food trip somewhere else, that is! Haha. Takaw. But seriously, it is refreshing to have places like this in our city. Thank you, Dito!

Of course, thank you Eloise for your invitation!

Marikenyos, this coming Saturday, September 28, Dito will have a night of "food, music, film, theater, art, literature, and everything that's good". Tickets are at 250 PhP (unlimited food!!!), but if you purchase for groups of 5 the ticket price will only be 200 PhP. God of the Machine will also run from September 28 to October 5. Hope you find the time to visit Dito!

For more details, please visit their FB page here. You can also 0917 511 4556 for more details.

Hope to see you there!

2nd Floor, J. Molina St., Corner Guizama
Concepcion Uno, Marikina City
Right in front of Concepcion Elementary School
Tel. No.: 0917 511 4556
Visit their Facebook page here.
Munching Budget per person: starts at ...coming soon!

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. Must must must must visit this place! Wow! So envy Marikina for having almost anything! :)

    1. korek dear!! :-D Marikina... we got it all for you! (pahiram SM haha)

  2. I'm so happy I'm going to see this play live!! It's always been a favorite of mine.

    Just a question though: you buy a ticket for the play for only 250php AND you get unlimited food with it? Or you pay 250 for the play ticket and another 250 for the food? :)

    1. hi there! for this week's run, you pay 250 for the entrance, and for the food you can order from the cafe as it is fully operational now ;-) if you come in groups of 5, the discounted ticket is sold at 220 :-) thanks for dropping by! hope you have a great time at Dito!

  3. hi! Do you know how to commute here from UP?


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