Tuesday, July 10, 2012


There are loads of grilled chicken places in the metro alone, and when it comes to reliable food quality, some hit the mark and some miss the mark. For the past year, I have been receiving lots of recommendations to check out this grilled chicken place in Marikina, Bacolod Chicken Parilla.

Mom, Sis and I had lunch there before heading over to Bubba Lab some weeks ago, since both foodie establishments are located at C & B Circle Mall.

 Dining area to my left...

 Dining area to my right... spic and span. Very good!

This place will indeed remind you of Bacolod!

The place is neat and spacious enough. The servers are very nice too! But as usual, what we're mainly concerned with is the - I like your intuition - FOOD. :-) Here is what we ordered:

 Pa-a Inasal at 85 PhP (soooo flavorful) and a stick of Isol at 45 PhP (Chicken Tail, often called 'pwet' hihi) Yum yum yum!

 Tuna Belly (65 PhP /100 grams) which is oh so good and oh so tender and juicy!

 One rice for each lady: Sate rice (20 PhP), Garlic rice and Plain rice

The perfect drink for the perfect grilled meal: Coke. Ahhhhh. Of course, don't forget your soy sauce with calamansi and chili!

 Enjoying our meal, comme d'habitude.

 Nice landscape in front of the resto

The entrance to one of the best grilled chicken places in the metro

Check out Bacolod Chicken Parilla and experience the flavorful dishes they offer - from meat to seafood and even desserts - I assure you you're in the right place when it comes to grill! ;-)

Extension B, C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue, 1810 Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 477-3755 (They deliver!!!)
Munching Budget per person: starts at 50 PhP

Marikina, aking hirang.



  1. The chicken looks big for the price! i wanna try the tuna :)

  2. Masarap yung gravy nila for sizzling items. :)

  3. hi i♥pinkc00kies! the chicken IS big and the tuna tastes really good!:-) highly recommended place. thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi Mich! You said it ;-) hope to dine with you soon. My busy days are almost over hihi!

  5. Hi Pao, will definitely try the sizzling items next time. thanks for your recommendations ;-) Cheers!

  6. I really miss visiting this place. Been here more than 50 times already. Their very own version of Blueberry Cheesecake and Black Sambo is to die for. And of course, the best Inasal in Marikina.

  7. hi Wencel! so nice to hear from you. thanks for dropping by! with your recommendation, I'll make sure to check out their desserts when I come back. ;-) thanks again!

  8. Hi Roni! I just discovered your food photoblog and I love it! Being also a Marikena and food lover, I am so happy and proud to see someone featuring Marikina's best when it comes to food. Keep up the good work and I hope to check out the places you feature next time I go back to the Philippines.

  9. @Mcat: Hello there! Is it safe to assume that you and Margj on the FB page are one and the same? Thanks so much for all your inspiring messages! I hope you keep dropping by, looking forward to hearing more from you on this blog or the FB page. When you're back here, just shoot me a message and let's see if you can join my food trips ;-) Thanks and ciao!


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